At New Glarus Bakery, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of delicious and fresh baked breads made with the finest ingredients. Our breads are handcrafted using traditional baking methods and baked to perfection to deliver the ultimate taste and texture. From sourdough to Bavarian rye, apple bread to hot cross buns, we have a bread to suit every taste preference.

Our breads are the perfect addition to any meal, making them ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack on-the-go.

Shop the best selection of breads and taste the difference that quality ingredients and traditional baking methods can make.

  • Alpen Brot

    For the health-conscious and the foodies alike, our Alpen Brot combines whole wheat and sourdough for a medium-light bread that’s not light on flavor! Wonderful for toasting, this traditional bread goes with both sweet toppings, like your favorite jam, and savory ones, like as a blank canvas for a gourmet grilled cheese.

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  • Apple Bread

    Our thick, delicious homemade bread dough is swirled with rich cinnamon and sweet, tangy apple chunks and topped with a lush drizzle of homemade icing in this delicious bread. Makes amazing French toast, or a wonderful afternoon snack!

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  • Bavarian Rye

    Our traditional Bavarian rye bread is as stout and hearty as the people who invented it, many years ago in the Old Country. Today, you can enjoy its rich flavor and thick texture as an accompaniment to your favorite soup, or in an even more traditional way as a Black Forest Ham sandwich!

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  • Birnbrot Swiss Pear Bread

    Our delicious Swiss Pear Bread (Birnbrot) is one traditional treat you’ll definitely want to make an everyday habit. We wrap a tender, homemade dough around a bounty of dried pears, dried apples and a cornucopia of spices to create a rich, fruity treat you’ll crave all year long.

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  • Breadstix

    Savory, buttery, crunchy, best describes our 30+ year love affair with our Plain Breadstix.

    Qty 2 bags per order

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  • Cheezy Baked Potato Bread

    If there was ever a bread that is straight-up, stand-alone delicious, this is it! Golden cheddar cheese and fresh chives dance through a soft white potato bread for an utterly unique and dangerously delicious taste experience.

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  • Egg Braid

    This gorgeously-braided bread features a fine, light texture inside and a shiny, golden-brown finish on the outside, making it the ideal accompaniment to breakfast or brunch or a not-too-sweet afternoon snack on any day of the week.

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  • Farmer’s Rye

    White sourdough dough combines with dark rye flour to create a hearty, crispy-crusted bread that might just remind you of summer lunches “down on the farm” – it is, after all, our Farmer’s Rye bread!

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  • Gipfel (Swiss Croissant)

    It’s easy to confuse these tender rolls with croissants on first sight, but one bite will tell you our Gipfels are miles better! While these buttery treats are hand-rolled like a croissant, they feature a richer taste and flakier texture – perfect when eaten au natural, or for spreading with butter or your favorite fruit jam!

    Qty 6 rolls

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  • Herbed Beer Bread Mix

    Use your favorite beer or club soda to stir up a batch of your own Herbed Beer Bread and make your house smell amazing in the process! Even if you’re not an expert baker, you can make a little baking magic in your own home with our classic Herbed Beer Bread Mix.

    Qty two, 1-lb mixes per order

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  • Jula Kaga


    Beautiful cardamom coffeecake with candied fruit & pecans.

    Qty 1 loaf per order.

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  • Potato Bread

    This soft, ultra-light bread is a perennial favorite the world over, and for good reason! The generous amounts of potato flour inside give it a fine, moist texture, perfect for a wide range of lunchtime sandwiches, or as toast points with sunny-side-up eggs for a bright and welcoming breakfast.

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  • Pumpernickel

    This very traditional bread is a long-time favorite for a reason: the soft, light texture of rye flour and the earthy sweetness of a hint of molasses make this bread ideal for both sweet and savory applications.

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  • Raisin Pumpernickel

    Imagine plump, sweet raisins bursting with rich fruity flavor in every bite of this hearty, rye bread. Featuring a soft texture and a hint of molasses inside, this bread is perfect toasted with cream cheese or transformed into French toast with maple syrup for an unforgettable breakfast.

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  • Six Grain

    This hearty bread almost screams “toast me!”, with its hearty texture and nutty flavor full of sesame seeds, oats and barley. Imagine a couple crispy slices slathered in fresh butter or dipped into chunky vegetable soup for a truly delectable lunch or breakfast pairing.

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  • Sourdough White

    This deliciously traditional old-world Swiss recipe makes the perfect blank canvas for both sweet and savory mealtime treats – think crispy-edged toast with thick, syrupy strawberry jam, or a golden-brown grilled cheese sandwich dripping with melted cheese.

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  • Swiss Bread

    This crusty artisan bread is a New Glarus Bakery signature loaf! With a thick, chewy crust and a soft inner texture, this fine-textured bread features a hint of white rye flour and a hearty texture that make it one of our most beloved and versatile breads.

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