Morning Rolls

  • Buttermilk Frycakes (Old Fashion Cake Doughnut)

    Imagine Grandma’s cake doughnuts fresh out of the frying pan. Here at the New Glarus Bakery, we make our year-round cake doughnuts called Frycakes.

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  • Cranberry Orange Scone

    A morning treat to start the day! Currants and cranberries with a hint of orange make this scone a flavorful hit.

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  • Hot Cross Buns

    1 dozen rolls per order + decorating bag of icing.  Available March 2019.

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  • Morning Buns

    One of our favorite indulgences for breakfast. These oversized rolls are made with our gipfel (croissant) dough, rolled up with a layer of cinnamon inside, glazed with a gooey cinnamon and brown sugar combination and dusted with more cinnamon and sugar.

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  • New Glarus Stollen

    Our New Glarus Stollen is a beautiful tradition of incredible taste! We choose to make our Stollen with only the finest ingredients: freshly roasted almonds, butter, marzipan, imported European spice, two kinds of raisins soaked in a Dark Meyers rum concoction.

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