Sourdough White


This deliciously traditional old-world Swiss recipe makes the perfect blank canvas for both sweet and savory mealtime treats – think crispy-edged toast with thick, syrupy strawberry jam, or a golden-brown grilled cheese sandwich dripping with melted cheese.

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This fine-textured bread brings a lightly “sour” flavor, as per the Swiss tradition, to a whole new level with a soft-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside artisan texture and a golden-brown top crust. Try this delicious bread as toast points with poached eggs or cream cheese and smoked salmon, or for a more casual approach, use it for school or workday lunches to kick your favorite sandwiches fillings up to a whole new level of delicious sophistication.

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1 delicious, handmade loaf per order

Net weight: 1lb 2 oz

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


Water, unbleached flour, white rye flour, vegetable shortening, barley malt, salt, yeast

Allergy Information

This product may contain any amount of the following: Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Gluten, and/or Soy.